In 1994, Farpajouh Engineering Co. was established with the aim of implementing comprehensive laboratory projects, such as producing, constructing, installing and commissioning laboratory sites, along with supplying lab equipment. With years of experience in the creation of laboratories and laboratory scales, the company has been able to construct very large projects in the country over the past 18 years, and is among the most important companies in the area of designing and manufacturing laboratory scales, chemical hoods, and microbial hoods. To ensure the quality and safety of laboratory work, Farpajouh Engineering Company in practice has continuously strived to improve standards in the laboratory and culture to the scientific and research environment of the country in accordance with the necessary sensitivity to these two issues. Earn it and pay for it. Consequently, this company has been able to provide raw materials and laboratory equipment required by the research and industrial departments of the country by securing exclusive representation from reputable European companies, such as Germany and Italy, in sectors where quality equipment and raw materials can't be supplied within the country. Laboratory sites provide valuable services to customers. In addition to implementing more than 450 important and often national projects in the country, our participation in strengthening its scientific and research infrastructure makes this claim clear. By combining technical expertise, creativity, development spirit, and commitment, Farpajouh has become one of the most capable companies in Iran involved in the design, production, installation, and operation of laboratory sites.
In 2009, Farpajouh Company received ISO 9001/2008 certification from the German Tuff Rolling Company for its use of advanced devices, project management and control systems in the construction of the laboratory site.
We seek to contribute to the development of education and research in Iran by providing laboratories and scientific equipment of excellent quality, and in this way to provide modern, fully equipped laboratories and high quality products at the level of international standards to the scientific and research community. Its activities are summarized in the headline. We hope that these efforts, along with the development and progress of the country, will encourage the production of science in society.