After sales service

Farpajooh Engineering Company is the most successful manufacturer in terms of after-sales service of laboratory equipment because the company believes that one of the secrets to stay in the market is to be responsible. For this purpose, all the products of this company are under warranty for one year from the date of installation, and all customers can benefit from the after-sales service of the laboratory equipment of Farpajooh Company for ten years.
In case of problems or defects in the parts and equipment of this company, the damage caused by the experts of the after-sales service department of the laboratory equipment of this company will be inspected and in case of any problems that are not caused by improper use and basically include the mentioned items. If it is not under warranty, the problem will be solved in less than a week, whether in terms of replacement or repair.

In general, after-sales service consists of two parts, warranty and after-sales service. The warranty period is usually for one year and starts from the time of temporary delivery and ends at the time of final delivery (in some contracts this period is more or less).
It should be noted that the warranty is subject to the conditions attached to the contracts of this company. In the after-sales service section, after receiving the customer's request, first a visit is made (if needed) and based on the opinion of the relevant expert, a pre-invoice is issued and the cost of performing these services is sent to the customer. It is scheduled to take place and will usually take less than a week to resolve.